What about Bisexual People?

In today's society, we hear a lot about heterosexuals and homosexuals, but we rarely hear much about bisexualpeople. You could say that bisexual people exist somewhere in the center of the heterosexual-homosexual spectrum, although many of them don't think of themselves in these kinds of terms. They could be dating either a member of the same sex or of the opposite sex, so in the end, they get the best of both worlds. Bisexuals are viewed as existing in a gray area, sort of vaguely defined, but nothing could be further from the truth. So what are bisexual folks really all about?
Bisexuality: A Stigmatized Orientation
There's an unfortunate stigma which surrounds bisexual people. Many, both homosexuals and heterosexuals, can misunderstand what the deal is with those who identify as bisexual. Plenty of myths and pieces of misinformation about bisexual people abound. People on one end or the other of the heterosexual-homosexual spectrum think that maybe bisexuality doesn't exist and it's just an excuse to sleep with as many people as possible, or that it's a "phase" a person goes through before settling on being entirely gay or entirely straight. In fact, bisexual people, despite being a sexual minority, are often pushed into the background of the LGBT movement.

Bisexuals in Their Own Words
How do bisexual people view themselves? A lot of them claim that they are attracted much more to an individual than to whether that individual is male or female. Just like with any relationship, gay, straight, or bisexual, there has to be an emotional connection between the two people before they start dating. The gender just isn't that important to many of them, however, some bisexuals will seek differentkinds of relationships from different genders and may not necessarily be equally sexually attracted to both genders (although, as
bisexuals, they are attracted to both genders at some level). Bisexual people also adamantly defend their identities, repeating over and over that they aren't just going through a "phase."

Quite a lot of people think that bisexuality isn't a real category, but the truth is that it is. Those who identify as bisexual deserve more visibility and are and always have been an important part of the LGBT movement. Bisexuality isn't a phase, but a concrete category, just as real as heterosexuality or homosexuality. Just ask a bisexual person and they'll tell you the same!

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