Is it true that sex fantasy is a disease for bisexual?

According to the sex study, a part of the bi woman has sex fantasy in the process of having sex with bi woman or bi man, and can increase their own sexual excitement. Once you understand this fact, many men will feel ashamed, that their own image and sexual performance is not good, it makes women have sexual fantasies. And many women themselves will feel uneasy about this sexual fantasy, guilt, and thus deliberately inhibit it. In fact, these two ideas are wrong.
Sexual fantasies can be - kind of stimulation, as if a "psychological aphrodisiac", so common in masturbation and sex when used to stimulate the climax of the situation. If you are not satisfied with sexual partners, often through fantasy (imagination and another lover) to achieve orgasm.
Sexual fantasies can be - kind of stimulation, as if a "psychological aphrodisiac", so common in masturbation and sex when used to stimulate the climax of the situation. If you are not satisfied with sexual partners (such as reluctantly combined husband and wife), often through fantasy (imagination and another love of love) to achieve orgasm.
The usual fantasy content is mainly based on the pursuit of happy sex activities, but there are also a few people who want to be raped or sexually abused. From the perspective of psychoanalysis, there are two explanations: (1) subconscious attack instincts and sexual fantasies combined, if the object of the object, constitute the illusion of abuse of the object; if pointing to their own, constitute the illusion of sexual abuse. In the traditional sexual repression thought, women tend to have a sense of shame or guilt of sexual behavior, if imagined in sexual fantasies is the initiative to pursue their own sex life, it will cause self-guilt or anxiety; "Anti-phase formation" of the psychological defense mechanism, fantasy into being imposed on their "rape" behavior, you can allow yourself to enjoy both sexual pleasure, but also for their own reasons to find excuse.
In short, sexual fantasies are a commonpsychological phenomenon, usually harmless or beneficial. It can be used as a sexual excitement of the "psychological aphrodisiac", but also a psychological defense mechanism, can not achieve the pursuit of partial pursuit of partial psychological satisfaction, but if too much indulge in sexual fantasy daydreams affect the normal life, Or even fantasy and odd and believe that is true, it belongs to pathological fantasy or delusion, and may be schizophrenia or other mental illness performance, which should seek the help of a psychiatrist.
At the same time, Research has shown that men are likely to fantasize far more frequently than women. Bisexuals, too.


Nearly three percent of British women have sex in the office

A British survey shows that two percent of the local women said they had sex in the office, of which 60% said they did not regret it.
According to the Hong Kong newspaper "Ming Pao" reported that the Britishwomen's website visited two thousand aged between 18 to 35 years of professional women. Eighty percent of the respondents said they had flirting with their male colleagues in the office. Eighty per cent thought that the flirting of the office was not only helpful but also increased their confidence in the work. Another 20% of the respondents said that as long as they can be promoted, they do not mind to the boss "selling hue."
Web site host Hayes said: "Modern professional women, are very willing to flatter male colleagues self pride, they believe that the office flirt can bring a little fun for the work, and even help them raise wages.
"As the office sex more and more common, and in order to improve work efficiency and to avoid the relationship between men and women affect the operation of the company, some large organizations have begun to prohibit men and women in the company in love."
While a German survey found that 20% of the respondents said they had fallen in love with colleagues, half of them said that their office love to maintain at least a year.