Boy's confession: sex, love, romance

Most of the girls think that once she makes the relationship with a boy gradually close, the boys will be confident, full of big men doctrine.
In fact, this is the case, but when the relationship between the two gradually close to the heat, the boys and girls will be the same, the brain is full of all kinds of questions and ideas, but no matter what he thought, all about the other half of the body: Is she happy with me? Did she like me in the end? Did I have any strange smell provoked her resentment when I stay together with her? She looks unhappy today, what did I do wrong? "You are always afraid of doing something wrong by yourself, or making your opponent feel that you are too much pressure," said the eighteen-year-old Bob. "Some girls will want you to be a little proactive, but some will keep you slow. It's up to you to know how to do.
The girls often feel that lust is more important for the boy!
The actual situation may be contrary to the general girl's perception that these boys may not be fully affected by the hormones. Our opinion is not to say how innocent and cute boys, but almost every one of the boys we asked that would rather have a girlfriend of their own, mutual care, treat each other, instead of some bad girls. In fact, many boys prefer to have no sex, but do not want to associate with a girl they do not like.
Most of the boys on their appreciation of the girl, the heart will have a contour. Boys are more likely to admit that they will date their girls in their minds; for example, as far as we know, some boys like tall girls, although this girl looks strong; however, high school student John Very much like girls have a large and full lips.
Boys always put pressure on girls, asked to have sex!

That’s not the case, many boys answered, they feel that unless you both think that should do this thing, otherwise there is no benefit to each other; they are more stressed that the relationship between men and women further, the man often misunderstood the girl behavior of the signal, which is very important and the indication.