The most healthy sex position, you know?

Your sex life is immutable and boring because of the sex position? From time to time to change the sex position, to give husband and wife life into new vitality, so that married life more harmonious, but also make both become more healthy. According to a multi-national joint study pointed out that the posture of men and women have a great impact on health, including physical fitness on the fitness effect, the psychological satisfaction of both sides to meet the desire to be happy. Among them, the recommendation of many experts, the following several positions are recognized as the most healthy, not only people can immerse themselves in the pleasure of sex, but also can harvest healthy and strong body.
For women, the couple life to do a little pelvic floor muscle training, that is often said that the Kegir movement, will get several benefits. The Kegir movement was invented by American gynecologist Dr. Kagir in the 1950s. This will not only enjoy the pleasure, but also enhance the bladder control, thereby reducing the risk of urinary incontinence after the arrival of the elderly.
Sex has a lot of benefits for men and women. No matter you are bisexual people, gay, lesbian or straight person. You will also feel happy. Everyone needs sex. Let's take a look at the healthiest sex position. Have a try next step.


I am worried about my sexual orientation, am I bisexual? (part one)

"I am 25 years old, I am distressed that I have no different feelings for the same sex and the opposite sex. I don’t know I am bisexual, gay or straight. I tried to go to some bisexual dating sites. College roommates always talked about the outstanding women in the school, I know this is a biological instinct, but I seem to be born with the lack of such instincts. I always like a color blindness can’t tell the color, in the sexual problems stumbled. Beautiful women and handsome male, in my opinion is a kind of beauty, I am enjoy with them, but do not want have sex with them. 'feminine beauty' even better than 'masculine beauty' make me fascinated, but I don’t like the same sex admirers who can’t extricate themselves to the male, I am probably too numb to the opposite sex, I Hope that the normal male as the opposite sex can love the heart of my sexual organs and secondary sexual development is completely normal, but why the psychological so insensitive, far less than their peers?”

The college graduate is a bit biased or bisexual, and he does not find any special cause of the situation. But whether it is sexual psychology stagnation or bisexual tendencies, I am afraid it has to rely on time to verify. Of course, we can also use the following assessment method to make a judge on their own.

 sexual orientation continuous spectrum

In the past people see the problem is always more absolute, sexual orientation is heterosexual or homosexual. In fact, the world is far from the case, it can be said that many things can’t be simply divided into two, they are from one extreme to another extreme continuous process of change. All these can be said that there is a wider transition zone between the two extremes, and most people are likely to be in a transitional area. Kinsey is a famous sexologist the United States of America, he was In the late 1940s, the human sexual behavior survey of men and women found that people's sexual orientation also has a continuous change as the spectrum, and distributed in different positions of sexual orientation continuum. The end of the continuum is absolute
heterosexuality (also known as exclusive

heterosexuality) with a fractional level of 0; the other end is qualitative or absolute homosexuality (also known as exclusive homosexuality) with a fractional level of 6; in the middle of the continuum Sex, the score of 3; the remaining 1,2,4,5 are distributed in the rest of the continuum. Of course, people are not evenly distributed in different positions on this axis (or continuum). According to Kim's own survey, if the man as an example: the distribution in the absolute heterosexual position on the number of 100%, then the number of men from the 1-6 position distribution of 37%, 25%, 18% 13%, 10%, 4%. That is to say 4% of white men from adolescence is completely homosexual, these people are difficult to be corrected, are life-long gay. This proportion will vary with different races, different cultures, and different historical backgrounds, but it reflects, after all, a certain trend.

Strictly speaking that homosexuality is not an exact term in medicine or psychology, it is only a generic term for a homosexual person who does not have any homosexual sexual behavior, especially at the age of 15 years of age that is still shy and uninteresting in the age The As for the 18 to 22 years old, still only interested in the same sex should belong to the category of homosexuality. There is no less sexual, inseparable partner and the degree of sexual contact is slightly heavier, there are specific homosexual sex more serious, is undoubtedly a homosexual.