The bisexual who is love countryside life

Everyone has a way of life he dreamed of. Bisexuals are not exception. Maybe you want to stay in city. But as a bisexual I look forward to countryside life.

I love countryside life, however, I don’t have enough money to buy a farm. So couldn’t be a farmer, at least a big farmer. Like a way of life is no age and gender restrictions. Although I am bisexual and 23 years old. I think I’m young. Perhaps you think people in their twenties should work and start a business in a city. Maybe I yearn for the life of the elderly.
I’m looking forward to live in a small village with my soulmate one day. She is still like the countryside life. Relax and freedom. Every morning, we are going to look each other wake up from ourselves sleep. And I will prepare the bread and milk to wait for my lover. Afternoon to read a book, drink coffee and listen some relax music. After dinner, go to the country road for a walk. Oh, yes, we must keep two dogs, a Labrador, a husky. And we will have a baby. Two dogs, a baby, and a couple, live in a village. What a beautiful and perfect life!

In fact, I am working at a company in a city. The above life is my imagination. It make me sad. At present, I have to work in the city for my life. And I don’t have a soul mate. Okay, first, I should look for a girlfriend. I’m a girl, I’m not lesbian, I’m bisexual.
As bisexual, I trust that love is love. I will meet a girl that we love each other, and be loyalty with each other.
Best wishes to myself.
Best wishes to every bisexual.


From straight to bi

        Don’t you ever think that straight is always straight, bisexual is always bisexual? Sometimes things are not as we want. It may go in a different direction. In sexuality, it is possible for someone to go from straight to bi curious, then become a bisexual. Or to the opposite of.

         Dave is good boy. He didn’t know what is straight or bisexual when he was younger. Until 16 years old, he had a sex with a boy he found that he is a gay. But the story was not end. When Dave 22 years old, he had a dating with a girl and fall in love with the girl, of course they has sex. Until that time, Dave found he want to have sex with man and woman. Needless to say, he only put the idea in his heart. Dave didn’t come out.

          Several years later, Dave married with a woman named Amy. He is very happy with his wife. After few years, they had a son and daughter. As children grew up, Dave increasingly want to come out. He told Amy he is a bisexual, but he still and will always love her deeply. At the beginning Amy can’t accept the fact. After a while come out. When they was about 40 years old. Amy support her husband to look for a boyfriend. Dave so happy with this. He met a man on a dating site. Both them are bisexual. And they live in the same city. They started to have dating with each other offline. Finally, they become sexual partners.Amy began to understand her husband. And she supported Dave.

          You can’t imagine what happened in the last. Due to Dave, Amy become a bi-curious, and more and more like the experience. Finally, she become totally bisexual. Amy and Dave has common boyfriend and girlfriend. Both boy and girl are their sexual partner. And all of them fell happy and perfect.

         Maybe we think that they are crazy. But such a thing dose exist, and goes on. We can say, because of love, Dave become straight several decades. Also because of love, Amy become bisexual.

         Love is a strong power, it can change everything.


How about a bisexual’s daily life?

Everyone has their own life, Dan too. He is bisexual, there is nobody know about this. This is a secret only belong to himself.
Dan is a staff in a big company. He will go to work from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every weekday. He is mainly engaged in website promotion. He was very fond of the job. There are two reasons: first, the job offers a substantial income to maintain his life; second, his promotion of website is a bisexual dating site. You know, Dan is a bisexual, and didn’t come out. But because of the job, he feel good, never lonely.

In the morning, he will choose a suitable tie for his clothes. A piece of bread, a glass of milk, and an egg. This is his nutritious breakfast every day. Dan love fine life. Then he drive to work, he will arrive at the company before nine.
At lunch time, there is an hour to have lunch and have a rest. He will take 20 minutes for lunch and 40 minutes in the lounge. Then continue his work.
After work, He will go to the supermarket to buy ingredients to cook for himself at home every evening. He enjoy the fun of cooking. After dinner, he will have a rest a half of hour by rending book or watching TV, then he will go running. He is very concerned his health.
Dan is most looking forward to the weekend. He can do anything he wanted to do. For example, going on a picnic, camping, barbecue, surf, of course, all of these are with friends. Occasionally, he will take the time to go back to see Mom and Dad. He likes to stay with them, even if doing nothing.
Dan’s life simple and fulfilling. If the beginning I did not tell you he was a bisexual, whether you are willing to make friends with him? Maybe you will say “Yes”, but in your last words you may add a “but”. In fact we know, there is no different with Dan and normal people, except for sexuality is not the same.
I don’t know why we can’t accept a person who is positive? Yes! He is bisexual. And so what?


Whether love too low, won’t get happiness—bisexual

       Hi, bisexuals and bi curious, if someone love you, what you will do for him? If you love someone, what you will do for him? Role in love is exact opposite in cases.
15-things-every-bi-racial-couple-should-know-mainphoto         If someone love you, what you will do for him? Let me use my friend Lucy as an example. She went through two completely different feelings. She had a boyfriend at four years ago, named Bob. Bob loved Lucy more than Lucy loved Bob. In the relationship, Bob loved too low, so Lucy did not care about the feeling of Bob. Bob always sad and tired. At last, Bob can’t stand the feeling of ignoring by Lucy. He and Lucy broke up. Only to lose to know how to cherish. Lucy found that she ignored the feeling of Bob, she made a serious mistake. She was so sad.
         If you love someone, what you will do for him? After that, Lucy meet another boy named Jon. Jon fell in love with Lucy. Gradually Lucy loved Jon too. Lucy wants to change the situation like last feeling, so she try her best to love Jon. During the beginning of that time they love each other very much. The love they give each other is equal. As friend, I’m so happy with them. But did not last long. Lucy gave too much love to Jon. Jon became more and more violent temper. In the relationship, Lucy loved too low. Even now they still together with each other, but Lucy dose not happy.
         Whether love is too low, won’t get happiness. The sentence for everyone in love, including bisexuals’ love. Compared straights with bisexuals, bisexuals need to be loved more. And they are normal person, we should be equal to bisexual and bi curious people.
Happy Senior Couple
         Whether you are gay/lesbian or bisexual, please remember these words: Whether love is too low, won’t get happiness. I don’t want you to be hurt who is reading my article. At the same time, I also do not want you to hurt someone who is loving you.
          Everyone should have a happy life!


Give me a reason to let bisexual happy

Some bisexuals always troubled because of their own sexual orientation. Today my task is to help you break up your trouble. Don’t worry about it baby.

At first, we should correct view of our sexuality. Yeah, we are different from others on sexuality. And so what! It’s just a habit. Like someone don’t have sex with anyone. It’s the same meaning. Everyone has the right with different needs. So just calm down. Don’t worry about your sexuality is different from most people’s, still has many friends like us, right?

Then, never tell yourself you’re alone. In the USA, the population of bisexual about 23.9 million. This is not a small sum. At the same time, this is only USA data, as well as the all over the world do? Every country has bisexuals. As a bisexual, do you still think you were alone? You have many bisexual people, you just don’t find them. And maybe they are not come out around you. If you open the windows of your heart, you will make many friends the same as yourself. Remember! You never alone!

At last, we should think about something why people look bisexuals with colored glasses. Think about it carefully! in the past a very long period of time, most people contact is heterosexual. Then gay/lesbian appear gradually. Until recently appeared bisexual. Different sexuality orientation continue to break people’s value and vision, so people will not accepted. So now people can’t accept bisexual is a normal performance, time will change all that. As long as we do our own good. And the next question is come out. How can we do our own good

 In my opinion, many people think bisexual who both like boys and girls is awful. They can’t accept their partner is a bisexual. Because of they can’t imagine their partner have sex with themselves and another with same sex. So if you love a girl or boy, you should be loyal to your partner, do not love others and have sex with other person. Keep it in your mind!