The bisexual who is love countryside life

Everyone has a way of life he dreamed of. Bisexuals are not exception. Maybe you want to stay in city. But as a bisexual I look forward to countryside life.

I love countryside life, however, I don’t have enough money to buy a farm. So couldn’t be a farmer, at least a big farmer. Like a way of life is no age and gender restrictions. Although I am bisexual and 23 years old. I think I’m young. Perhaps you think people in their twenties should work and start a business in a city. Maybe I yearn for the life of the elderly.
I’m looking forward to live in a small village with my soulmate one day. She is still like the countryside life. Relax and freedom. Every morning, we are going to look each other wake up from ourselves sleep. And I will prepare the bread and milk to wait for my lover. Afternoon to read a book, drink coffee and listen some relax music. After dinner, go to the country road for a walk. Oh, yes, we must keep two dogs, a Labrador, a husky. And we will have a baby. Two dogs, a baby, and a couple, live in a village. What a beautiful and perfect life!

In fact, I am working at a company in a city. The above life is my imagination. It make me sad. At present, I have to work in the city for my life. And I don’t have a soul mate. Okay, first, I should look for a girlfriend. I’m a girl, I’m not lesbian, I’m bisexual.
As bisexual, I trust that love is love. I will meet a girl that we love each other, and be loyalty with each other.
Best wishes to myself.
Best wishes to every bisexual.