Give me a reason to let bisexual happy

Some bisexuals always troubled because of their own sexual orientation. Today my task is to help you break up your trouble. Don’t worry about it baby.

At first, we should correct view of our sexuality. Yeah, we are different from others on sexuality. And so what! It’s just a habit. Like someone don’t have sex with anyone. It’s the same meaning. Everyone has the right with different needs. So just calm down. Don’t worry about your sexuality is different from most people’s, still has many friends like us, right?

Then, never tell yourself you’re alone. In the USA, the population of bisexual about 23.9 million. This is not a small sum. At the same time, this is only USA data, as well as the all over the world do? Every country has bisexuals. As a bisexual, do you still think you were alone? You have many bisexual people, you just don’t find them. And maybe they are not come out around you. If you open the windows of your heart, you will make many friends the same as yourself. Remember! You never alone!

At last, we should think about something why people look bisexuals with colored glasses. Think about it carefully! in the past a very long period of time, most people contact is heterosexual. Then gay/lesbian appear gradually. Until recently appeared bisexual. Different sexuality orientation continue to break people’s value and vision, so people will not accepted. So now people can’t accept bisexual is a normal performance, time will change all that. As long as we do our own good. And the next question is come out. How can we do our own good

 In my opinion, many people think bisexual who both like boys and girls is awful. They can’t accept their partner is a bisexual. Because of they can’t imagine their partner have sex with themselves and another with same sex. So if you love a girl or boy, you should be loyal to your partner, do not love others and have sex with other person. Keep it in your mind!