From straight to bi

        Don’t you ever think that straight is always straight, bisexual is always bisexual? Sometimes things are not as we want. It may go in a different direction. In sexuality, it is possible for someone to go from straight to bi curious, then become a bisexual. Or to the opposite of.

         Dave is good boy. He didn’t know what is straight or bisexual when he was younger. Until 16 years old, he had a sex with a boy he found that he is a gay. But the story was not end. When Dave 22 years old, he had a dating with a girl and fall in love with the girl, of course they has sex. Until that time, Dave found he want to have sex with man and woman. Needless to say, he only put the idea in his heart. Dave didn’t come out.

          Several years later, Dave married with a woman named Amy. He is very happy with his wife. After few years, they had a son and daughter. As children grew up, Dave increasingly want to come out. He told Amy he is a bisexual, but he still and will always love her deeply. At the beginning Amy can’t accept the fact. After a while come out. When they was about 40 years old. Amy support her husband to look for a boyfriend. Dave so happy with this. He met a man on a dating site. Both them are bisexual. And they live in the same city. They started to have dating with each other offline. Finally, they become sexual partners.Amy began to understand her husband. And she supported Dave.

          You can’t imagine what happened in the last. Due to Dave, Amy become a bi-curious, and more and more like the experience. Finally, she become totally bisexual. Amy and Dave has common boyfriend and girlfriend. Both boy and girl are their sexual partner. And all of them fell happy and perfect.

         Maybe we think that they are crazy. But such a thing dose exist, and goes on. We can say, because of love, Dave become straight several decades. Also because of love, Amy become bisexual.

         Love is a strong power, it can change everything.