The interesting thing about online dating

Everyone has online dating experience it! And me, too. It reminds me of a very classic sentence: “Life like a box of chocolates, you never know what you going to get.” And dating on the website is also a bit like the feeling, you never know what you going to meet.  

In the last online date, we have made a lot of people. In this article, I understand online dating include on Facebook, bienjoy, and so on. Every website which you can make friends with.
I will share some interesting things about online dating. I’m interested in bisexual, so I make many friends who is bisexual or bi curious on Facebook. So I always talk to them about everything which is bisexuality.
Once time, an old bisexual man tell me about his life with bisexuality. He come out he is a bisexual when he was young. It’s interested in that his wife were from straight become bisexual, and she is indulged in bisexual sex. And they have common girlfriend and boyfriend in relationship. Because of the man is bisexual, so his wife, son and daughter also are bisexual. He affected his entire family sexual orientation. It’s a crazy and exciting family. And his lifestyle shocked me.
And there is another case, also a bisexual man, only difference is that he is a single. Why he is single? Because he don’t know which soul mate he should find. So he decided to have try something to help himself love girls or boys. Wow, I have to say, it’s a really crazy idea. How is he to implement it? Every night he went to a bar and bring a guy or two color ladies to his home. And… (I believe that you can imagine). Good times do not last long. After several days, he was tired with no answer. He is enjoy staying with both girls and boys. As I understand it, he is still having a rest at now.
If you had some interesting things about online dating, please comment me. I will share to everyone with anonymous.