The most healthy sex position, you know?

Your sex life is immutable and boring because of the sex position? From time to time to change the sex position, to give husband and wife life into new vitality, so that married life more harmonious, but also make both become more healthy. According to a multi-national joint study pointed out that the posture of men and women have a great impact on health, including physical fitness on the fitness effect, the psychological satisfaction of both sides to meet the desire to be happy. Among them, the recommendation of many experts, the following several positions are recognized as the most healthy, not only people can immerse themselves in the pleasure of sex, but also can harvest healthy and strong body.
For women, the couple life to do a little pelvic floor muscle training, that is often said that the Kegir movement, will get several benefits. The Kegir movement was invented by American gynecologist Dr. Kagir in the 1950s. This will not only enjoy the pleasure, but also enhance the bladder control, thereby reducing the risk of urinary incontinence after the arrival of the elderly.
Sex has a lot of benefits for men and women. No matter you are bisexual people, gay, lesbian or straight person. You will also feel happy. Everyone needs sex. Let's take a look at the healthiest sex position. Have a try next step.