How to dating with bisexual man?

Talk to dating, we always have many words want to say. No matter you are straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual. Before you enter a relationship, you must have dating with the partner, right? Then, the question is coming, how to dating with bisexual man? As we know, bisexual man’s sexual orientation is both man and woman. Whether you are has the same gender with him or not, is not always some doubt in your heart? Ok, clam down, I will tell you every note that dates to bisexual man at first time.
I described the situation is that you and he knew about each other through bisexual datingsites, and looked each other's photos, at the same time also chatted for a period of time, you and the man want to learn more about each other, so it will have this first date.
Tip 1. Firstly, ask yourself a question, can you accept your boyfriend is bisexual in the future?
Because of bisexual is a special group, they are sensitive, if the man feel a little respect, he will be low self-esteem and sad. So this question is important.
If you were a man, don’t be shy, wearing handsome, like to meet with old friends.
If you were a woman, don’t be nervous, dressing pretty, like to meet with old friends, too.
If you never mind your boyfriend is bisexual or bi curious, we will be enter the next step.

Tip 2. Determine the location, choose the right clothing.
Different occasions to wear different clothes, is the most basic etiquette. At the same time, to participate in activities more convenient. According to your understanding of the men, to wear his preferred style.
Tip 3. Determine the length of the appointment, preferably one day.
One-day appointments, you can better understand each other. Especially for you, you can learn more about this bisexual man, if you are known through the dating site.
The last tip is that stay happy and relaxed mood, no matter what you do, picnics, movies, go to the bar, drink coffee will do.