Bisexuality it? (from a dating site of bisexual)

1, your favorite color line is ......?

A, purple / pink 5 points

B, red / yellow color 3 points

C, green / cyan line 1 minute

2, the selection of friends, you will ......?
A, a very careful selection of the same sexfriend 5 minutes

B, very careful selection of the opposite sex friend 3 points

C, not carefully selected friends 1 minute

3, you are one in their sex seemed more ......?
A, relatively strong 5 points

B, relatively weak 3 points

C, very mundane 1 minute

4, your own same-sex friends often have what kind of ideas?
A, I want to kiss him / her 5 points

B, I want to pinch his / her face to play 1 min

C, would like to take care of his / her 3 points

5, you have had a long and very good close friends to exchange diary or letters exchanged experience?
A, I have had this experience 3 points

B, is still doing such a thing 5 points

C, in the future do not exclude such a thing 1 minute

6, in love you ......?
A, it will be very likely to have behavior betrayal 5 points

B, will never betray their lovers 1 minute

C, for their love faith is not very confident 3 points

7, which will make you spend more love your lover?
A, Lily 3 points

B, Rose 1 minute

C, cactus 5 points

8, you get used to what type of kisses ......?
A, very passion of 5 points

B, quiet and gentle 3 points

C, just a simple kiss on the end of 1 minute

9, on the way home, suddenly a lot of rain, but you do not bring rain gear, then you will ......?
A, flew home 3 points

B, find a place to shelter from the rain 1 minute

C, rain leisurely walk home 5 minutes

10, in life, you most often call your lover with which of the following words?
A, my BF / GF 3 points

B, my husband / wife 1 minute

C, I XX (special and strange nickname) 5 points

Test Results:

Total score: 17 points less than the A type, love cold.

Total score: 18-26 points B type, heterosexual.

Total score: 27-34 points C type, bisexual.

Total score: 35-42 D-sub, gay tendencies.

Total score: 42 points more than the E-type, same-sex love.