Bisexual single troubles

Do you want to have a bisexual dating? Do you want to look for a lover? Do you want someone to say good morning and good evening every day for you ? Do you want someone to accompany you every day after dinner for a walk?
Yes. Almost everyone wants to have this kind of life. But God allows us to be bisexual. But I firmly believe that the God will open a window for us to close a door at the time. I told myself, I have to strong and optimistic alive, I want a better life. One day, I will meet my love.
So I work hard, and make many friends. But I still can not talk to friends I was bisexual. I’m scared. I can only put my secret in my heart, to waste time online.
One day a man give me a message, he told me that I could find my love on a site. I maybe too boring, or because of curiosity, I opened the site. Yes, I’m right. It’s not only a dating site, but also a bisexualdating site. I was a little excited, like finding a home. Of course, I still a little preparedness of the heart, for fear of being cheated.  
I carefully looked the page, make sure it is free of charge provided bisexual dating site. And gives a detailed description in a professional sense. It may be too eager to love, so I used my real name to registered an account.  
I started to look for some girls my favorite type. Add to friends and began to talk to them. In this dating site, I do not think twice I was a bisexual, because we are the same. I came for my world. I’m so happy.
Over time, I know a lot of friends who is understand me. Most importantly, I found my love, she loves me too. Now that we’ve been together for almost a year. And next year, we’re getting married.
I hope that every bisexual who love yourself, boldly pursue the life you want. I’m happy now, so I hope you happy too.
If you do not dare show a bold love life. It does not matter. I told you the place that my love door opened. It’s bienjoy (http://www.bienjoy.com/ ). Please praise my good service. Just kidding.
Best wishes for you!