Bisexual and lesbian

I’m a woman. When I was young, I think that I would love a man, and get married with him. Later, I found that I’m wrong. Not only do I love boys, but also I love girls. I scared myself. I have been cautions about others knowing. Only in the last year have been coming out.

I was 20 when I discovered my bi side. I was scared, I didn’t know what should do. I didn’t have enough courage to tell others. My life became darkness.
Maybe you will ask me: “how did you know or find out you are bi?Three years ago, I had a boyfriend and had sex with him. It’s my first and unforgettable. Several months later, I met a girl, she was very pretty and took care of me. I loved her. I knew it’s fearsome, but I can’t control my feeling. Over time, we had a sex experience. At last I broke up with my boyfriend and lose contact with the girl. I closed my heart from then. The fact of bisexual let me self-abased. From that first I did not let others know. The only ones that knew is the girl I had sex with.
I have been recognized someone of bisexual. Thanks for them helping. I have been coming out. Now I have a new girlfriend, and he know that I’m bisexual. At the same time I promise I will never out of my girlfriend.
I’m bisexual. Maybe you think that bisexual are awful. But we are normal person. It is only different from we are bisexual.
Okay. When I have a girlfriend I will be lesbian. When I have a boyfriend I will be heterosexual.
I’m bisexual and lesbian and heterosexual. I just believe that love is love.