Are you a bi-curious single?

Many people think that they are not bisexual or gay (lesbian). As we understand bisexual more and more, many people become bi-curious singles gradually.
Studies have shown that 60 percent of women are interested in other women. This is an incredible data. Do you think are you a bi-curious.
For example, there is a girl names Lily, she has boyfriend, but she is still interested in girls. Lily know that she loves her boyfriend, so she only keeps the idea in her mind and lives happy life with her boyfriend. As is we know Lily becomes a bi-curious. Because she is interested in girls and boys.

Are you become a bi-curious?
In fact, some people are born bisexual, some bisexual are acquired. There is no doubt with born bisexual. We focus on understanding the acquired bisexual.
Some people are heterosexual. With the changes in living environment, they are interested in another gender people. Such as a boy had a girlfriend three years ago, but the girlfriend betrayed boy. So boy could not dare to fall in love with girls, and pay attention to boys.
If there is no long-term house living area appear heterosexual, some people will become bisexual, and have relationship with the same sex.
There are also such a situation, the couple one of whom is bisexual, under the guidance bisexual, heterosexual lazy one may also become bisexual, and share a common girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Overall, many bisexual acquired is to be bisexual in different situations. Survey shows that the number of bisexual female is more than the number of bisexual male. The number of bisexual female is about twice as bisexual male.
Actually, if we fell in bi-curious, don’t be worry, just face it. Because there are many bisexuals together with you. You are not alone.