Misunderstanding of Bisexual

There are many people have misconceptions of bisexual. The bisexual want to have sex with boys and girls, so some people think that bisexual are awful. To be honest, I don’t know why bisexual are awful. Only because of being interested in boys and girls? It’s so funny!

At the same time, there are someone think that bisexuality is an “experiment”. In fact, bisexual are no necessary to prove which sexuality they love, they know what they love from start to finish.
And someone think that bisexual is a greedy performance. They love both boys and girls. But in love, all people are greedy.
Another people think that bisexual people are emotional derailment easily. Emotional derailment is a common phenomenon in bisexual, homosexual or heterosexual.
There are some people think that bisexual don’t have religious. It’s also funny, sexuality does not affect people’s other aspects.
OK. Think about it carefully, it’s also normal. After all, bisexual were not disclosed from ancient times. In people’s thinking maybe something not seen are abnormal. People always do something like this.

Through the research, bisexual are interested in boys and girls at the same time, but if they were life together with a boy or girl, they will have responsible for partner. Of course, bisexual’s family have several ways of combination. For example, boys and boys; girls and girls; boys and girls; two girls with a man; and two men with a girl. That’s all. With respect to homosexual and heterosexual, the bisexual are more flexible.
In today’s society, there are many bisexual family with children, and we know not only bisexual couples are happiness, but also babies grow up in a healthy family environment.