Tips for the Bisexual single dating a bi-couple

As a bisexual single person, you may be contemplating dating a bi-couple. Engaging in a polyamorous relationship with a bi-couple needs thoughtfulness and responsibility to be successful and fulfilling for everyone involved. Here are a few things to keep in mind;  
Don’t confuse swinging with polyamory

Swinging is more about sex, while polyamory has more of a focus on the relationship – both heterosexual and bisexual
Be honest about intentions and needs
Just as in any relationship, honesty goes a long way. It is critical for everyone to sit down and have an open and straight-forward discussion about what they are looking for, and what they want to give. No assumptions should be made by anyone, about anyone. Be clear even about things you think should be obvious – like your bisexuality.
You cannot be the glue that mends a broken relationship
Sometimes when couples are having problems, in an attempt to save their relationship, they will bring in more people. Protect yourself; make sure you do not step into a situation that is already tense and complicated.
Allow each relationship to grow organically
Interpersonal relationships cannot be forced. Nor should they be compared with other relationships. It is important for all to honor both the heterosexual and bisexual bonds as individual, and unique.
Be creative with time management
Spending enough time with each partner will be a challenge. Try establishing regular date nights with each person, and include certain dates where you all spend time together.
Do not be a referee
Never, ever, take sides or allow yourself to be a go-between. You will be the one who ends up getting hurt.
With open communication, respect, and compassion, you and your partners will be able to maintain what hopefully will be a long-lasting, and loving relationship.

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