Which label you want to choose? Such as bisexual, lesbian, gay

Once, it is generally accept only heterosexual. Later, homosexuals come out. They are not recognized by public and law. Over time, people have slowly accept the community. And now, they always tell others they are lesbian or gay. At the same time, we think there are only straight, lesbian and gay. However, life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get. So bisexuals come out. Bisexuals are subject of public debate. And now, with more and more bisexuals come out, the number of them is getting more and more strong. In fact, whether bisexual or the public, the focus of attention is whether to accept them as accepting homosexuals. The discussion of this issue will continue for a long time. Bisexual life can’t wait.

He is a 26 years old man, Jack. He broke up with his girlfriend when he was 17. And he made a good friend, Dan, when he was 19. As they spend more and more time with each other. Jack realized that he fell in love with Dan. Of course, only he knew that. He found he love Dan deeply, courage to declare Dan. Fortunately, Dan is gay. Therefore, we can think about the results. And now, they together with each other for 4 years now. “I’ve never thought I was bisexual before the age of 19. Well, thanks god. I’m so lucky to meet Dan. I know that people still look at me with different eyes, or talking about me. I know how I am, Dan knows, too. So I told myself do not care about other people’s eyes, we are very happy with each other. At the same time, I’m pleasure to tell others I’m bisexual. That’s my label. ” Jack said.

 Not everyone can be as Jack. Lucy was a very cheerful person before she found that she have sexual desire for man and woman. She was very scared to realize that she is bisexual. “Of course, I do not exclude homosexuality and bisexuality, but I can’t put myself in a bisexual position. I fear my friends laugh at me, do not accept me. I think I am a strange person. I am afraid. Therefore I hide myself. I did not speak and participate in social activities. I am very painful, I do not know how to do, "Lucy said. As she said, she became less and less acquainted with her friends, becoming lonely and lonely. Later, she met our group, of course, only online, we chat with her, enlighten her, suggested that she see a psychiatrist. We want her to be the way it used to be.

When we accept ourselves from the inside, we are happy to put a label for ourselves, but also willing to share with friends. On the contrary, we will hide ourselves away from friends farther and farther.

I want to say is that no matter what kind of person we are, whether you are lesbian, gay, or bisexual. You just do the best of yourself.

Valentine's Day is approaching, I wish you happy.