Are you worried that your partner is bisexual?

The word bisexual is familiar to everyone. In recent years, bisexuality and its related content appear in our side of the frequency is getting higher and higher. Do you still remember the Soap opera "friends" that were so popular? Ross and his wife divorced after eight years of marriage because his wife was lesbian and dating with a lesbian. So I’m
thinking that our heterosexual couples will not become bisexual in one day in the future.
Do you worry about this? If one day your wife tells you that she loves a bisexual woman, will you accept it? Or your husband tell you that he likes a bisexual man, as a wife, would you accept it? This is likely to happen. My friend Frank, when he was a teenager, found himself was a bisexual, but he did not come out, and later he married a heterosexual woman and had a child and a daughter. Now he is more than 50 years old. When he was forty years old, he came out, told his wife his sexual orientation. His wife was surprised. But also respect Frank's sexual orientation. So she gradually accepted Frank looking for same-sex partners. Frank is grateful for his wife's understanding. Over time, Frank's wife also joined Frank and his partner in, they become bi-couple, of course, maybe
you feel like threesome, but their relationship is just bisexual couple, Frank and his wife have a common boyfriend. At the same time, Frank told me that their sexual experiences were pleasant.
In Frank's view, this is the best outcome, and I think so.
If you can’t accept your lover is bisexual, before make relationship with each other, you'd better determine the sexual orientation of both sides. At the same time, in the future life, do not hurt your lover. Studies show that when a person has been got hurt in the process of dealing with the opposite sex, they will turn their attention to the same sex, and thus fall in love with the same sex. If you refuse bisexual or similar to bisexual behavior, please love your lover.