Same-sex marriage law makes a great difference in bisexual, gay, lesbian and straight

If the law changed, person can get married with same sex partner. It well be a most pleasure thing for gay, lesbian. Bisexuals well be happy, too. It is possible for them to have date with same sex lover and get married with them. And there is 50% chance. Straight person will not happy any more.
There is a study told us that the possibility of allowing same sex marriage is large.  In the study, there are 12.7 percent of students think that themselves are different from many students in sexual orientation. 2.3 percent of them identified themselves as lesbian or gay. And 6.4 percent of them think themselves are bisexual. 4 percent are not sure which label belong to them. Among all high school students surveyed, 8.6 percent of students had
attempted suicide at least one time. The rate was much higher than the rate of past suicide attempts. Among the number of students who want to suicide has 28.5 percent students identifying themselves as bisexual, lesbian, gay or unsure of their sexual orientation.
As people gradually accept homosexuality and bisexuality, more and more bisexual, gay and bisexual come out. The number of them is stronger. They and them sexual orientation should be allowed on law.
If government allow the same-sex marriage law, something will be changed. For gay and lesbian, they will be the happiest part. It is the greatest respect for them that legally agreeing to get married with the same sex. They can get married with their lover. And do not care about other people’s opinion. Man and man can hand each other in the street. Woman
and woman can kiss each other on the street. That will be perfect.
For bisexual, there are some bisexual love opposite sex partner. Some others love same sex partner. Same-sex marriage law perhaps no effect with the former, however it’s having great effect with bisexuals who are loving same sex partner. Similarly, Marriage is recognized by law as the most enjoyable thing.  
For straight people, maybe they are the only unhappy groups. For female heterosexuality, perhaps they will think that handsome men are occupied by man. So they will lost many handsome and sex man choice. For male heterosexuality, maybe they will think about that women are occupied by woman, they are not happy, too.
In fact, when we found there are different sexual orientation person on the world, we should take measures to help these people live better instead of treating them unequally.